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History of Geo- and Space Sciences An open-access journal
04 Jan 2017
Julius Elster and Hans Geitel – Dioscuri of physics and pioneer investigators in atmospheric electricity
Rudolf G. A. Fricke and Kristian Schlegel
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 8, 1-7, doi:10.5194/hgss-8-1-2017, 2017
22 Dec 2016
Indications from space geodesy, gravimetry and seismology for slow Earth expansion at present – comment on “The Earth expansion theory and its transition from scientific hypothesis to pseudoscientific belief” by Sudiro (2014)
Matthew R. Edwards
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 7, 125-133, doi:10.5194/hgss-7-125-2016, 2016
29 Nov 2016
Geoscience international: the role of scientific unions
Alik Ismail-Zadeh
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 7, 103-123, doi:10.5194/hgss-7-103-2016, 2016
17 Nov 2016
Geographical tourism research and education at the Jagiellonian University School of Tourism in Poland (1936–1939)
Antoni Jackowski, Izabela Sołjan, Elżbieta Bilska-Wodecka, and Justyna Liro
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 7, 91-101, doi:10.5194/hgss-7-91-2016, 2016
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